Blue Pool Ceramics

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, with a B.A Hons degree in Ceramics, in 1989, so am fully knowledgeable in
the ceramic making, firing and glazing process. I have taught Art and Design, Creative Industries and Photography at
an Edinburgh secondary school for over 10 years, before relocating to The Highlands in January 2020. I live in the
beautiful wee village of Ullapool and create my bespoke ceramics from my home studio in the garden.
Inspired by the spectacular Scottish mountains and sea loch outside my garden, I cannot help being drawn to colours
in shades of blues, greens of the landscapes and greys of the pebbles on the beach. I love to pick up shells, pebbles,
seaweed, sea-glass, and flowers/ plants and fishbones from walks on the beach to impress into my clay jewellery.
I’m happy to discuss any particular commission or idea you’d like me to create for you in clay!

My handmade platters, pots, palates and bowls are made from white earthenware clay. I love creating textures by
impressing shells, seaweed, flowers and plants into the clay, which capture every intricate detail.
They are dried for about three weeks, then fired in an electric kiln to 1060 degrees, then sponged with a coat of glaze
to pick up the surface details and are usually slight matt texture. The glazes are all food
safe and lead free, so they are fine to use for serving or displaying food.

All my textural hand-made ceramic pendants are lovingly made by rolling out clay, then impressing shells, fish bones,
spiral and Celtic pattered stamps or seaweed into white earthenware clay. It’s dried for about a week, then fired in an
electric kiln to 1060 degrees. It’s then hand-painted with a liquid glaze using 3 coats of crystal glazes, in a variety of
beautiful shiny colours like, Verdigris Green, Volcanic Ash, Night Sky, River Stone, Ocean Mist and Rockpool to name
but a few. The glazes are all food safe and lead free, so it’s not going to cause any kind of reaction worn around your
neck. It’s then re-fired to achieve the high glossy glazed beautifully smooth but very individual surface.

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